Ads don't make repeat sales. Relationships do!

vinlogger is a simple, cost effective follow-up tool that helps turn first-time buyers into longtime customers. Keeping you connected through an automated and personally customized software program that provides long-term value.

vinlogger is styled to support your existing company branding

You've spent a great deal of time and money building your brand - reinforce that with your customized vinlogger app.

Your customers can view important vehicle data when and where they need it

Customers get a convenient place to store vehicle information including factory specs, warranty information, repairs, and even current vehicle value.

Use vinlogger to push important news & specials directly to your customers

Every time your customers log in to the app they'll see your messaging - update it as often as you like.

Take control of your customer relationships

Minimal staff-time required. We take care of the setup and customization of your app. All you have to do in-house is enter each new customers contact and vehicle data - vinlogger and the customer take it from there.

You control the content. In addition to the vehicle information provided to your customers, you can also highlight your current specials, news, or anything else that you'd like your customers to see.

vinlogger is cost effective. Priced like a nice 'thank you' card, but designed to engage your customers for the long-term. Turn a single one-time buyer into a long-term client and you've covered the cost of vinlogger for countless customers.

Your customers will love it. They'll enjoy the convenience of a centralized location for all their vehicle information and history; and every time they log in, they'll be reminded they have you to thank for it.

Free to try! Sign up for a free demo today to see what vinlogger can do for your business. We'll let you test-drive the app for 30 days so you can see how vinlogger will transform your customer-engagement efforts.

Turn one-time buyers into long-time clients