About Us

With a name like GigglePop you know we have a lighter side. But make no mistake, we are intently serious about our software and service.

We specialize in creating innovative and professional programs and have been developing and supporting web and mobile solutions for over fifteen years.

Our success is largely due to the feedback from our customers, which enables us to better understand the problems and frustrations they experience. This close relationship allows us to modify our product to meet and exceed your expectations. That's what inspires us and drives us to do more. At GigglePop, we create tools with a very simple goal - to simplify your life.

vinlogger is the latest embodiment of that goal - providing unique engagement opportunities with your customers while allowing you to easily send custom emails that continue the conversation beginning with their first purchase - to their next. It's a simple concept with powerful results. And a helpful key to your success.

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